For a supportive experience

TALFF wishes that each participant has a safe and supportive experience at the Forum, regardless of their gender, sexual identity, disability or special needs, language skills, nationality, appearance, skin color, age, economic background, or religion. If this is not respected, the organisers reserve the right to require any visitor to leave the event.

For the forum to be fear-free, you should:

  • respect and be open to people’s experiences and backgrounds
  • recognize the physical and emotional boundaries of others
  • ask for consent if you want to take pictures, chat with, or touch someone
  • make sure you give others time to talk in the open debate
  • understand that a safe space is created together and that this is a collective learning process
  • acknowledge that everyone is responsible for their own words and actions

If you experience a situation that makes you uncomfortable, report it to the organisers.

TALFF is made possible thanks to the great work of the organisers. Many of them are volunteers. Please consider their work and contribution and treat them with kindness and respect.