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Discussion “The ingredients of solidarity”

Forum opening event with Airi Triisberg, Agnė Bagdžiūnaitė and Jurgis Valiukevičius will start a discussion about the experiences of social movement building in Lithuania. Discussion is in English.

Talk “How to do feminist activism through gender budgeting?

The talk will open a discussion on the potentials of gender budgeting to progress gender and equality. The talk is moderated by Sanna Kartau who discusses with Finnborg Salome Steinþórsdóttir and Steinunn Bragadóttir from Icelandic women’s budgeting group Femínísk fjármál. Talk is in English

Webinar “Images That Change the World” 

Webinar “Images That Change the World” about gender-aware and norm-critical image analysis. The seminar is held by Tomas Gunnarsson, also known as The Gender Photographer. Webinar is in English.

Talk “Organizing for solidarity: The Feminist Movement in Iceland” 

Brynhildur Heiðar- og Ómarsdóttir from the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association introduces the feminist movement in Iceland and their feminist work practises. The talk is moderated by Sanna Kartau. The presentation and talk are in English.