TALFF 2021

How to do feminism?

2nd to 5th November

This year, the social inequalities that have escalated during the pandemic have become clearer. The situation calls for feminist analysis and activism to create a more economically, politically and culturally equal and better place to live, taking into account the opportunities and needs of all people.

Feminist questions have gained more prominence and provide a platform for discussions in both the media and politics. At the same time, feminist messages are increasingly being used as a means of selling any commodity, and in the political arena it is used to accumulate points by framing oneself as both a proponent and an opponent of feminism.

All of this begs the question: what does feminism mean in practice? How can we be solidary, inclusive and take into account the different experiences in a world where being science-based, supporting women’s rights and being in solidarity with minorities are framed as radicalism, which in turn is viewed negatively? How to create a safer environment as a feminist community, locally and globally?

How to formulate common goals, grow stronger as a movement to resist exploitative practices and political forces that disregard human rights? How to apply feminist ethics in your daily life? What is the responsibility of a feminist?

The theme of the 2021 Tallinn Feminist Forum (TALFF) is “How to do feminism?“. We come together to think of feminism not as a label to like or oppose, but as an active act to make the world more equal.

TALFF brings together social initiatives and activists from Sweden, Iceland and the Baltics, with whom we try to find common ground to discuss these issues in both a matter-of-fact and fun way and to look to the future with all participants and guests. 

TALFF events take place online during the week and in a face-to-face meeting at the end of the week. The forum ends with a party with live performers!

TALFF is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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