Terms of Use

TAFF website is managed by NGO Oma Tuba. Oma Tuba follows the code of ethics of Estonian nonprofit organizations. The website comprises all of the website and its content, including all materials, structure and design. Please read the terms of use when visiting the website for the first time and keep in mind that we may change the terms without prior notice.

Copyright information

By using this website you agree that the copyright and other intellectual property rights related to the website belong to the NGO Oma Tuba.

Personal Data Protection

In this subsection, we will explain which personal data we collect and process as well as which technical and organizational means we utilize and for which purpose and on which grounds to ensure the protection of personal data in our work.

General principles

  • Each person has the right to decide how their personal data is used.
  • In our work we collect and process personal data only to the extent that is necessary for achieving our goals.
  • The personal data provided for us is used only for the purpose for which it has been provided. We delete or anonymize data once processing it no longer serves a purpose.
  • We do not sell or rent personal data to anyone.
  • We do not allow access to personal data to the state or anyone else, except in cases where there are clear legal grounds or consent from the data subject and it is in accordance with international human rights norms.

We use cooperation partners and service providers which protect personal data. When possible and practical, we use encryption to protect personal data while forwarding as well as storing data.

We do not disclose the personal data (including names) of people who have sent us an email or contacted us in any other way to third parties without the permission of the people in question. Emails which have been sent to the general address are reviewed by one staff member in charge of this task, who forwards them to another staff member or other staff members if necessary.

The website uses the default HTTPS encryption, which means that the movement of data between our website and the user’s browser is secure.

We do not forward personal data to third countries without the data subject’s consent or without legal grounds.

In case of any questions, please contact us via omatuba@gmail.com.