Schedule 2019

In Kumu Art Museum
16.30 Exhibition “Anglers. Silvia Jõgever and Kadi Estland” opening (ET)
In Feministeerium office (EN)
19.00 TALFF warmup event
20.00 Latvian women’s Stand-up comedy performance (EN)
2.11 In Estonia Art Academy
10.00–11.00. Room A500
Registration for workshop, read “How to register for workshops” here
10.40–11.00. Room A501
Anna Kinbom, Choterina Freer and Rut Karin Zettergren perfomance “Nina, K and Connie” (EN/ET) *Click HERE for the text in English*
11.00–12.30. Room A501
Erika-Evely Ee Eisen talk “How to create safer movements” (EN)
12.30–13.00. Room A500
Break, read “Where to eat” here
13.00–14.30. Room A403
Conversation with Maryan Abdulkarim on antiracist activism (EN)
13.00–14.30. Room A502
Liisa Past workshop “Leadership” part 1 (EN)
NB! Pre-registration needed, write at to guarantee your spot
13.00–14.30. Room A503
Women’s Wave talk “How to arrange a march?” (ET)
Lunchbreak, read “Where to eat” here
16.00–17.30. Room A403
Anete Biteniece and Annija Sprivule workshop “Help yourself” (EN)
16.00–17.00. Room A501
Verena Spilker talk “Transnational Queer Underground” (EN)
16.00–17.00. Room A502
Liisa Past workshop “Leadership” part 2 (EN)
NB! Pre-registration needed, write at to guarantee your spot
16.00–17.30. Room A503
August and Mari-Liis workshop “Supporting the trans movement as a feminist” (ET)
17.00–18.00. Room A501
Tarun Gidwani talk “Towards A Feminine Way of Doing Politics” (EN)
17.00–17.30. Room A502
Sven-Erik Viira talk “Boy or girl or unclear“ (ET*)
NB! Duration 30 minutes
17.30–18.00. Room A502
Mare Abner talk “About the ability of disabled women to participate in social movements in Estonia” (ET*)
NB! Duration 30 minutes
18.00 Programme ends
20.00 In EKKM cafe
TALFF afterparty by Queer Planet

* This part of the programme is in Estonian and could be whisper interpreted. If you wish to take part and need a whisper interpretation (Estonian-English-Estonian available), please write to Nele (in which workshops and in which language) at by October 18th at the latest.